The Model

While the activities play a key role in what we do – at Let’s Co & Co it is essentially about the act of sharing, in the form of well-being and love. We aim to create a space where healing, the arts and creativity fused with food and beverages can all come together in a pleasant and good-natured sphere.

Happy for no reason.

No BUSIness, just BUDDY-ness.

Based on trust and mutual respect.

No wages – just sharing money.

Let’s Co & Co is somewhere that we can shed a stressful existence to make way for fun-loving and meaningful activities instead.

Fair Pricing

For most of our activities, the rates for these will be in accordance with the freedom to choose principle under the name of “Contribute as you feel”- so that everyone that comes, is free to make use of & benefit from this offer, and to decide for themselves what the value was to them personally.

Come as you are

Contribute as you feel

This aspect relates to the level of trust between the various participants in allowing everyone the opportunity to have access to the various services on offer. Much of which depends on how we experience love from our heart space here and now in relation to the giving and receiving of money. And with that same thought in mind, how does it feel for?  Do we trust sufficiently that there genuinely is always enough to go round for everyone? Allowing ourselves to give from our hearts involves listening to our inner voice that sets us in motion to be able to give and receive in this way.

We trust that you have the experience & knowledge necessary to be able to fairly value the love and effort we put into our activities.

A fair and ethical pricing system doesn’t mean cheaper or for free; it means honest.



You simply sign up, take part, and experience.

You decide what you want to contribute.

Deciding afterwards what it meant to you is not the same as hastily putting some money in a box – you may pay with money but that’s not the only possibility – Contribute as you feel is fitting.

Let’s Co & Co is also part of the Organization LETS, based in Bruges, which means certain activities can be paid using the LETS exchange modality.

It’s also possible to contribute in the form of works that support Let’s Co & Co.

Let’s Co & Co is somewhere that you can discover your inexhaustible source of peace, love & happiness.