Lets Co & Co

Our Vision

Let’s Co & Co would like to inspire, support and connect people within a cosy-homely sphere where co-creating, cooperation and shared inspiration through connectivity form part of the core values of discovering meaningful ways of working and being together. 

Let’s Co & Co has for this reason decided to adopt a policy of multicultural and social diversity irrespective of profession, personal situation, social background, health or life vision.

Let’s Co & Co envisages setting up an accessible and warm meeting place with strong social and creative network support as its foundation. We aim at forming a bridge within the community that allows people to experience feeling well within themselves in the form of happiness and health that comes primarily from a place of authenticity and with conscious respect for both nature and the environment.

Also with regard to professionals and other initiators Let’s Co & Co would like to offer itself as a hub or meeting place making it possible to both exchange ideas & methods and to network while actively contribute to our meaningful collaborative undertaking.

Let’s Co & Co will bring this about by means of:

  • Organizing workshops, trainings & info-sessions
  • Lectures, therapeutic guidance, bodywork, counceling,...
  • Collectively looking at finding healthy life vision and insights gained from integral values as transition, sustainability and interconnection.

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